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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #131267
Employed by Margin to Center Consulting


I try to make my practice a safe and welcoming space for neurodivergent clients. If you have or suspect you have ADHD or autism and you're wanting a therapist with experience and expertise in working with neurodivergent adults, let's talk. I use clear and direct communication myself, and I'm able to accommodate clients who are nonverbal and need to communicate via textual methods both during and outside of sessions.

A few client types I welcome in my office and have expertise in working with:

  • Adults with autism, Aspergers, or ADHD (or those exploring the possibility that they may be neurodivergent)
  • Trans, nonbinary, & gender-nonconforming people (including those looking for letters for surgery)
  • LGBQAA people and those questioning their sexual orientation
  • Survivors of trauma & abuse
  • People with eating disorders or a stressful relationship to food & body image
  • People with disabilities & chronic illnesses (including those looking for letters of accommodation)
  • Current & former sex workers
  • People on the multiplicity spectrum

A few therapy approaches I use:

  • Traditional Talk Therapy
  • Somatic/Mind-Body Integration & Mindfulness
  • Parts-work
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Gottman Relationship Skills Building


I help individuals process and move beyond overwhelming experiences, feelings, and trauma. If you struggle with the experience of having "too many" emotions, or feel that memories are intruding on your current life, I can work with you to find ways to make the past stay in the past and help you find sustainable ways to express and cope with your feelings. I generally believe that the ways we have learned to think, feel, and cope were learned for a reason, and I try to work with resistance and mixed feelings rather than against them. I espouse radical self-compassion, and support people in learning to be kinder and more forgiving with themselves even in the face of making mistakes and having to take accountability.


In couples therapy with me, I teach communication strategies to help lessen defensiveness and increase intimacy and empathy in your relationship. I intervene to stop or change interactions that are keeping you from getting the connection you want, and I provide mediation and structure for difficult conversations. By teaching in-the-moment self-regulation and co-regulation techniques, I help you and your partner(s) to speak from and listen with your best selves.

I help couples and polycules achieve the nonmonogamous experiences they want, navigate kinky dynamics, negotiate different levels of desire, minimize friction around different sexual orientations between partners, cope with the ways that othering and social stigma affect intimacy, and become aware of the ways gender dynamics can arise even in queer and trans couples.

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #131267
Employed by Margin to Center Consulting



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